Any building project depends on good preparation for its success, and we’ve found over the years that a little more time spent on this stage of the project will yield huge benefits when it comes to the actual build.

We break our services down into five distinct areas, click on each one to find out more:

Less cost to you

Because building projects, even simple extensions, tend to evolve as they come out of the ground, it’s not uncommon for people to get quite far down the line and suddenly realise that what’s being built isn’t what they really had in mind, especially if they haven’t worked with a professional to help the planning stage.

Equally, you want to work with someone who thinks along the same lines as you – it’s no good at all of the architect has one set of ideas that is wholly at odds with yours – How often do you see them firing the architect on Grand Designs because the client and the architect weren’t on the same page?

Our belief is that this is your extension – you’re going to be the people living in it, so it’s in all our interests for you to end up happy.

That’s why we work in this modular manner – more time spent at the concept stage saves time at the drawing stage, so you don’t end up with expensive revisions to drawings.