Planning Permission

Recent changes in planning rules mean that small extensions no longer necessarily require planning permission. However you still need to comply with building regulations, and you will also need to get a Certificate of Lawful Development for any works carried out under Permitted Development Rights.

Our planning permission service builds on the plan drawing service and includes the following steps designed to help you succeed in getting your plans through:

  • Discussions and meeting with local planning authority
  • Discussions and meeting with Highways/Utilities if required
  • Identifying potential objections/reasons for refusal
  • Preparing Location, Block, Access and Tree plans
  • Producing supporting statement
  • Producing plans for sharing with neighbours
  • Submitting planning application
  • Monitoring responses and comments

Planning rules are very complicated which is why we always recommend talking to the planners well before you think of submitting a plan. We have good relationships with several planning officers in local authorities and are proud to say that so far we’ve never had an application refused.

Case Study

Our very first project was for a young couple in Crowborough who wanted to extend their kitchen into the internal garage at the front of their house. At the time Wealden Council had placed a blanket ban on this kind of work as many housing estates had seen the garages of small houses converted in this way. As a result they were having massive parking problems in those housing developments.

We pointed out that this was a non-starter unless an alternative garage could be provided and identified that the existing space beside the house could be converted into an attached double garage and utility room at a very reasonable cost.

The plans flew through, the build was done, and the house doubled in value in just three years.