Plan Drawing

If you’ve ever looked at the specifications required by planning departments for plans submitted for planning permission you’ll be horrified at the detail they require, and any small error will see the whole application held up, often for weeks.

Even if you don’t need planning permission, because your extension qualifies under permitted development rights, you’ll still need plans for the builder, and they will be just as demanding.

Our plan drawing service includes the following delivered in plan form black & white to 1:50 or 1:100 scale:

  • Survey of the property to establish precise dimensions
  • Drawing plans to show existing and proposed layouts
  • Drawing plans to show existing and proposed elevations
  • Detail drawings for kitchen and bathroom layouts
  • Detail drawings for roof construction

In addition we can also provide all you will need to brief a builder – for more details see Finding a builder

This package will allow you to visualize your extension and any other building works you decide to do, and give you exactly what a builder will need to give you a price for delivering the job.

Case Study

Sam & Gemma were delighted with their new home, but wanted to extend the kitchen by five feet. After three builders told them they couldn’t quote without a plan they asked for our help.

We immediately identified some significant challenges caused by the property’s location on the side of a steep hill that would call for additional groundworks, and brought in a specialist surveyor to assess the situation.

Armed with this information we were then able to prepare plans and a build schedule to enable them to get cost quotes from several builders.