Our approach to rates is to keep it simple, so we have a standard set of charges for private residences that will be less than 300 square metres when finished.

Our services are priced as follows, and there are no ‘hidden extras’ – the price you see here, is the price you will pay:

Outline Plan drawing

This service is for people who have decided what they want to do and have full measurements of the property available, but only want outline planning permission, or to support a concept discussion with the local authority, so we don’t need to do a site survey. We will turn your ideas into scale drawings that can be used to support an application for outline planning permission.

The package includes:

  • Set of scale plans and elevations showing property as is (6 drawings)
  • Set of scale plans and elevations showing proposed property (6 drawings)

Total cost for package: £900.00

Planning consultancy

Getting planing permission sounds simple, but it’s far from. Between Kent and Hampshire there are over 20 different planning authorities, each of which has its own structure plan and planning strategies designed to preserve the unique character and architectural vernacular of their towns and villages. Some authorities will offer informal consultation, others don’t, but expect you to draw up plans and send them in for an informal opinion.

To save you the hassle, and mimise your risk of being refused, we offer a full planning consultancy package that includes:

  • Understanding local planning guidelines and advising on potential pitfalls
  • Meeting at site to discuss your hopes and develop ideas
  • Creative and structural design advice to make sure the extension works
  • Informal discussions with your local authority to establish likely outcome

Many of our clients buy this service as a first engagement, as it minimises the risk of their application being refused and lets them benefit from our knowledge of the local area and good relationships with the planners.

We charge £395 for this service.

Site survey and detailed plans

This service is designed to help you when you have a clean sheet  and don’t have existing measurements of the property, so we will do a full visual survey which allows us to determine the locations of structural walls and identify load bearing points, as well as take a complete set of detailed measurements.

The plans we produce are accurate and highly detailed in this service  and will be to the required standard for you to support an application for full planning permission. You will also be able to use them to get rough price estimates from builders, although we would strongly advise you not to commission a builder based on an estimated price as this can end up running away.

The package includes:

  • Initial site survey of the property, taking full measurements and photographs, and discussing your plans with you.
  • Set of scale plans and elevations showing property as is (6 drawings)
  • Set of scale plans and elevations showing proposed property (6 drawings)

Total cost for package: £ 1,395.00

Planning application and negotiation

Once you have your plans drawn up, then you will need to apply for planning permission or get a certificate of lawful development if building under Permitted Development Rights (PDRs). You can choose to fill in the various forms, draw up site and block plans and settle the planning fees, which can take around a day out of your life, plus costs of around £500 for fees and Ordnance Survey licences, or you can leave it to us and we’ll do the lot for £ 750.00 plus planning fees which are typically from £179 upwards.

We can tell you in all honesty that every client who decided to try and save money by doing this themselves came back and asked us to do it, and agreed it is one of the best value services we offer!

Construction drawings

We provide detail drawings to help builders, for example roof details, electrics and plumbing plans, wall construction and so on. We charge £195.00 per drawing for these, and £550 to draw up a build specification which will be  a core part of your contract with the builders. This is something whose value you should not underestimate, especially when the builder does something you didn’t expect, and you have a written detail document to prove their mistake.