Listed Cottage

Office conversion, Kent borders

Wordsworth House front afterOur client for this job was an emerging technology PR company based near Tunbridge Wells who had purchased the freehold of a building in their local village that had spent the previous ten years being used as a hairdressing salon.

It had also lain empty for two years so was in petty poor condition, and to top it off the building was also grade II listed having originally been built in the mid 19th Century as a pair of farmworkers’ cottages.

The client wanted a smart, modern environment in which to entertain clients, and being out of a town centre also needed to build in relaxation space for staff eating lunch and getting away from their desks.

Wordsworth House front office interiorWe worked with the local conservation and planning officers to identify what they were prepared to allow, and soon came up with an interior and exterior plan that matched everyone’s requirements.

This involved creating different spaces that could be used for meetings, relaxation, kitchen area and individual offices, and finding a builder to manage the works.

The agency moved in to what they soon found was a very comfortable working environment and saw their business grow rapidly, with clients particularly keen to come down for their annual summer garden Barbecue parties.